Are you a Medical  Doctors or Healthcare Worker interested to learn more about the bio-mechanics of Cannabis?

Indiana Cannabis Industry Association, INCIA™, presents:

CannaBiome™ Series.  Cannabis and the MicroBiome.

CannaBiome™ Series is an educational seminar designed to educate Healthcare workers on the role of the Cannabis / Hemp Plant ‘T-dominant’ and ‘C-dominant’ Varieties in the management and/or treatment of emerging Individual Human MicroBiome – originating conditions.

Taught by a Colon Cancer Legacy, and Digestive Disease Sufferer with over 35 years Cannabis and 7 years Hemp experience.  Self-Medicated & Managed without Healthcare for over 25 years, and absent of Pharmaceutical medications for the past 7 years solely using Whole Plant Therapy.

Contact INCIA for more information about CannaBiome™ Series: